Pride of the Diamond


“Dear Pride of the Diamond Family,
After 7 years of representing the iconic black and gold, I have played my last game as part of this organization this pat weekend. Being able to step on the field as an Iron Colt/Prep player has been an absolute pleasure and I would never trade the experience for anything else. I would like to thank a few special people for the unforgettable experience.
Firstly, I would like love to thank the people that brought me into Pride of the Diamond when i was 11, the Neiman family. You have given me the world and have shaped me into the main I am today.You are also the ones who brought me over to Pride of the Diamond after an unfortunate situation and shaped me as one of their own. Without you, I don’t know where I would be today. Thanks to you, I have been able to live out 7 unforgettable years that will be with me forever. For that I thank you.
Next, thank you to my coaches throughout the years. Coach Mikulski, Moore, Landis, Neiman (Tim & Doc), Harris, Amato and Trey. Youg have helped me through the highs and the lows. The passion and patience that you represent is unmatched. Thank you for being with me first hand thought my journey thought life. Thank you for texting me after a bad game, bad weekend, when I’m feeling down in a slump. You all have been there for me, so I say thank you.
To my teammates, you have helped me grow as a person and teammate. We have formed lifelong relationships and bonds that we hold forever. To all the shenanigans and memories, we always found a way to enjoy the game of baseball like it was out last. Thank you for this incredible journey.
To the Pride of the Diamond Family. I want to say a huge thank you for all the parents, followers, and supporters that have watched me grow in what I am today.
Finally to my family, for all the early mornings, late afternoons, long drives, bringing me to showcases and tournaments, and all the above. THANK YOU.  You have especially watches me grow at Pride of the Diamond and at Bethlehem Catholic. Thank you for all the support through the years. It takes a special type of people to be able to endure the rigorous schedule that travel baseball offers, and you have conquered it.
To everybody that has watched me grow during this great journey, THANK YOU.
I love each and every one of you for your relentless support through the years.”

Hunger Cantwell #26 – class of 2021

“The thanks goes to the Iron Colts staff. You have really reached Kyle(and all the kids) more than you know. As we have discussed in the past, your coaching approach has taught Kyle significantly more than any past baseball experience he has encountered. I have praised your approach of continually teaching the kids through every inning/practice from both an offense and defensive perspective to many people. The teaching you have provided was constructive and professional by treating the kids like young adults and without emotion.
Kyle’s experience was exceptional and he looks forward to working with you and your staff in the future. If there is anything you need in the future, do not hesitate to ask.”

Greg Buchman